Intelligent IT Automation, Tailored for Success

ITautomate helps IT teams automate everything from simple, repetitive tasks to complex multi-stage, decision driven workflows. Saving you time, money and resources.

Your Strategic Partner in Advanced IT Automation

ITautomate is more than a SaaS platform—we’re your strategic partner in IT operations transformation.

With a deep understanding of your unique challenges, we provide bespoke automation tools and expert consultancy to craft solutions tailor-made for your organization. 

Our platform isn’t just about automating tasks; it’s about supercharging your IT teams, enabling them to automate a spectrum of operations from routine tasks to complex, mission-critical processes.

Experience a significant reduction in manual tasks, shift to ROI-driven operations, and drive exponential growth by transforming your IT with ITautomate.


Power Platform Connector

Embrace the future of IT process automation with ITautomate. With Microsoft’s Power Platform at its core, ITautomate unlocks connectivity to over a thousand native integrations alongside our proprietary solutions, ensuring a seamless, interconnected automation environment. 

ITautomate’s workflow builder is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of modern IT operations. Whether it’s proactive network maintenance, streamlining IT service management, or orchestrating cloud operations, we provide the tools you need to keep your IT backbone strong and responsive.


ITautomate Virtual Agent

Our Automation Experts work with you to create custom chatbots, integrated directly within the Microsofts Teams application.

Not just a Q&A bot, the ITautomate virtual agent triggers workflows to complete service requests in full, from start to finish. 

Save time on repetitive IT tasks with ITautomate!

ITautomate Benefits

Customize and build automation routines to meet your requirements

Reduction in MTTR

(Mean Time To Resolve)

Fewer man hours

Concentrate on innovation, not tickets

Cost Savings

Significant ROI

Cloud Hosted

Control from anywhere, no servers required


Outbound HTTPS connectivity, no inbound ports required


Works around the clock

What our users say

Integrate your flows with

and much more!

Why use ITautomate?

Whether you’re a service desk specialist or an infrastructure expert – if your role includes performing the same task over and over again day after day, then chances are automation may be for you!

That’s why when industry veterans with decades of combined experience in IT across multiple industries got together they had one goal: Creating ITautomate – the perfect tool designed specifically for automating daily grinds within every department from Infrastructure teams to Service Desk specialists.


Automate incident response


Automate service requests


Update Configurations


Patch applications and operating systems


Respond to and resolve security alerts automatically


Add approval mechanisms to ensure that IT teams retain control/ownership


And much more!

Start automating your repetitive IT tasks with ease using ITautomate

Get started today to find out how ITautomate can enhance your IT processes, saving you time and money.