Power Platform Connector

Easily design IT automation workflows by leveraging the powerful automation features of Power Automate. With a simple to use interface, there is no limit to what you can build.

Power Platform Connector

Automate time-consuming IT tasks

Within a few clicks it’s easy to set up a new workflow, created to be used again and again on unlimited devices.

Run saved commands such as Powershell cmdlets and Graph API calls on remote devices, and parse the results to use in future actions by using the ITautomate connector.

The Power Platform Connector makes it easy to automate a diverse range of tasks. Setup a workflow, call it either manually, from a trigger condition or from our Teams chatbot and allow ITautomate to help make your IT department instantly more efficient.

Custom Solutions

Customize and build automation routines to meet your requirements

Create your own workflows or pick from our expanding library of templates. We’ve created an array of pre-made workflows ready to use in just a few clicks.

Have a more complex setup and require help with custom workflows? No problem! Our automation experts are always available to create workflows on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on those more pressing IT tasks.

Troubleshoot and automatically resolve issues on

and much more!

Why use Power Platform Connector?

Customize and build automation routines to meet your IT requirements.

From incident resolution to change management, the ITautomate Power Platform Connector is the ultimate tool for creating powerful workflow automations that take care of the day to day tasks in every IT department.

We help IT managed service providers and companies of all sizes and verticals save time and money on repetative IT tasks.

Get started today and find out how automation can help improve your companies workflow.

Easily create automated workflows such as:


Incident Resolution


Change Management


Device Patching


Security Incident Response


Software deployment and updates


And much more...

Start automating your repetitive IT tasks with ease using ITautomate

Get started today to find out how ITautomate can enhance your IT processes, saving you time and money.