Teams Chatbot

The ITautomate Teams chatbot gives your employees a convenient way to fire across a question or service requests and get immediate help. Think of it as a company-wide virtual assistant that makes accessing information and IT tasks super-fast and super-efficient.

Perform both simple and advanced IT tasks instantly and leave the ITautomate Teams chatbot to do the heavy lifting.

Teams Chatbot

Automate time-consuming IT tasks

Today time is valuable, especially within IT infrastructure. With less time to dedicate to resolving common IT requests, performance issues and incidents, it may be time to automate your service desk processes.

ITautomate’s Teams chatbot is designed specifically to save you time by taking those common IT tasks off your hands, significantly taking down the MTTR.

We know better than anyone that common IT requests eat into your day which is exactly why we created the Teams chatbot – think of it as your new service desk sidekick!

Concentrate on innovation, not tickets

Dedicated chatbots built by Automation Experts

Our Automation Experts work with you to create bespoke chatbots by utilizing the Microsoft Teams application.

The Teams Chatbot handles an array of IT processes from new starter and leaver requests right through to complex software installations. With hundreds of setup possibilities, it has never been easier to integrate a fully automated solution into your daily IT processes.

So leave your tedious and repetitive tasks to ITautomate and focus on the more pressing issues within your daily workload.

Why use Teams Chatbot?

ITautomate helps you improve performance and reliability within your companies IT infrastructure. The Teams chatbot offers a fast, familiar, and highly available virtual assistant resource that saves you money and valuable man hours.

Empower users via self service actions that link to preconfigured automation workflows such as installing software, new starters or leavers, in fact just about anything you can think of – it’s all possible with the ITautomate Teams chatbot.

The Teams chatbot is a completely secure and cloud hosted solution available 24/7. By using less man hours but being available at the drop of a hat, you’re able to significantly maximise your MTTR and ultimately gain a significant ROI.

Why wait? The ITautomate Teams chatbot is now here and ready to help! Find out what you can automate within your IT setup today.

ITautomate Teams Chatbot handles:


New starter/leaver requests


Access requests


Password resets


Software installations


Answer questions and link to KB articles


And much more...

Start automating your repetitive IT tasks with ease using ITautomate

Get started today to find out how ITautomate can enhance your IT processes, saving you time and money.